Vonda Pelto’s Interview on Crime Watch Daily TV Show that accidentally caused the death of Greg Miley, a Freeway Killer serving time at Mule Creek State Prison

During her time working at Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail, Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. had many sessions with Freeway Killer Bill Bonin and his accomplices Greg Miley and Jim Munro. After testifying against Bonin, Munro was sentenced to 25 years to life and ended up at Mule Creek State Prison, along with Munro. They both continued to communicate with Pelto and their roles with Bonin in the Freeway Killings are chronicled in Pelto’s new book, Without Redemption.
On December 14, 2015, Pelto had an interview on the syndicated Crime Watch Daily TV Show. This was a pretty intense interview, over eight minutes, that focused on the Freeway Killers and went into detail about the rape, torture and murder of many teenage boys around around Southern California. 
Many months later, another inmate at Mule Creek saw Pelto’s interview and she was informed by Miley, on the morning of May 25, 2016, that he was scared for his life. Later that day he was badly beaten in the exercise yard and hospitalized. Pelto, knowing Munro was also at Mule Creek, called prison officials to warn them he might also be targeted. They dismissed the warning and said, “Everyone knows Munro is a Freeway Killer.” Miley succumbed to his injuries a few days later.