The Forgotten 22 Victims of Freeway Killer Bill Bonin, Vernon Butts, Greg Miley, Eric Wijnaendts, Jim Munro & Billy Pugh 
So often the innocent victims of serial or mass killers are forgotten, that is why the authors of the most recent Bill Bonin Freeway Killer historical biography, Without Redemption, sought to include as much about them as possible. Each of them had a family, friends and communities they belonged to, some more than others as a number were runaways lost on the streets and thus easy pickings for the manipulations of Bonin.
Today, over 40 years later, many might have become husbands, fathers or grandfathers. But Bill Bonin robbed these boys, and their families, of they’re futures to satisfy his base desires, something for which he felt very little guilt or remorse.
Families, friends and communities left behind were torn apart, some literally, by the Freeway Killer and his five accomplices, one who escaped justice for double-murder with Bonin’s help. Thanks to the new discovered diaries of Bill Bonin, that story is told carefully in Without Redemption: Creation & Deeds of Freeway Killer Bill Bonin, His Five Accomplices & How One Who Escaped Justice by Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. and Michael B. Butler.
Photos of some of Bonin’s victims followed by the completete list:   
Marcus Grabs was a West German tourist and the second victim of Bill Bonin, who killed him alone on August 5, 1979 in Newport Beach and left in Malibu Canyon. Glen Barker was murdered along with Russell Rugh in early February 1980 and left in a campground in the mountains of Eastern Orange County. Ronald Gatlin was murdered on March 14, 1980 after getting picked up by Bonin in the San Fernando Valley and left in Pomona. Donald Hyden was Bonin's fourth victim and was killed shortly after he was mistakenly let out of jail after being arrested while on probation.
David Murillo was Bonin's 5th victim. Lawrence 'Larry' Sharp was the Freeway Killer's 20th victim and knew Bill Bonin previously before being picked up hitchhiking. Eric Wijnaendts helped Bonin killed Sharp but was never charged for the murder. Russell Rugh was killed with Glen Barker and left in a campground in the Eastern Orange County mountains. Bonin had wanted to kill two in one day and got his wish on March 21, 1980. Steven Wood lived right near Bill Bonin and made the mistake of getting inside the Death Van for a short ride to school on April 10, 1980.
Bonin murdered Harry Todd Turner with Billy Pugh on March 24, 1980, a day when four people crossed paths and changed dramatically the Bill Bonin story. Darin Kendrick was killed at the end of April 1980 by Bill Bonin and Vernon Butts in one of the most brutal murders of Bonin's. Stephen Wells was last victim of Bonin and was killed with Jim Munro at Bonin's house. Police arrived one hour later to put Bonin under surveillance, too late to save the boy. Charles Miranda and James McCabe were killed in one day by Bonin and Greg Miley, this just before Bonin  reported to serve six months in jail, which turned into six weeks.
1) Mark Shelton (17) – August 4, 1979
2) Marcus Grabs (17) – August 5, 1979
3) Robert Wirostek (16) – August 20, 1979
4) Donald Hyden (15) – August 27, 1979
5) David Murillo (17) – September 9, 1979
6) Wallace Tanner, November 14, 1979
7) John Doe (14-20) – November 30, 1979
8) Dennis Frank Fox (17) – December 2, 1979
9) John Kilpatrick (15) – December 10, 1979
10) Michael McDonald (16) – January 1, 1980
11) James Moore (16) February 1, 1980
12) Charles Miranda (14) – February 3, 1980
13) James Macabe (12) – February 3, 1980
14) Ronald Gatlin (18) – March 14, 1980
15) Glen Barker (14) – March 21, 1980
16) Russell Rugh (15) – March 21, 1980
17) Harry Todd Turner (15) – March 24, 1980
18) Steven Wood (16) – April 10, 1980
19) Darin Lee Kendrick (19) – April 29, 1980
20) Larry Sharp, May 18, 1980
21) Sean King (14) – May 19, 1980
22) Steven Wells (18) – June 2, 1980