‘Without Redemption’ is the Most Detailed Biography of Bill Bonin Ever Written.

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Vonda Pelto’s Just Released New Book with Michael B. Butler

Without Redemption: Creation & Deeds of Freeway Killer Bill Bonin, His Five Accomplices & How One Escaped Justice 

linked book cover of 'Without Redemption: Creation & Deeds of Freeway Killer Bill Bonin, His Five Accomplices & How One Who Escaped Justice' by Vonda Petlo, Ph.D. & Michael B. Butler Releaed in early August 2022, Without Redemption was written on a number of parallel tracks that constantly intersect. First, it is the most detailed historical biography ever written about Bill Bonin, the notorious Freeway Killer responsible for murdering 22 teenage boys over ten-months in 1979-80.
Second, it is a psychological roadmap which charts the evolution of Bonin’s personality from abused child to sexual predator to serial killer. This is accomplished using documents from his childhood, war service, multiple California government mental health and penal institutions, witness testimony and the expertise of Vonda Pelto, Ph.D., who had many sessions with Bonin and two of his accomplises while working in Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail.
Third, it is a narrative which, using long hidden documents, reveals the inner workings of Bonin’s mind, showing how he thought, felt, planned and viewed the world. The narrative displays Bonin, an abused high school dropout, cleverly manipulating lawyers, judges, doctors, social workers, friends, family, probabtion officers, government bureaucrats, detectives, journalists, and, most tragically, the innocent victims of his rage.
Fourth, Without Redemption reveals the complex story of what happened after Bonin’s final arrest, when so much was in flux and so many moving parts were swirling about. Archived investigative documents, collected from a variety of sources, brings to light a number of surprising, shocking, sad and even funny events from those ten tumultuous months from June 1980 to March 1981. 
Finally, it is book which solves two murder mysteries and unlocks how one day of crossroads and coincidences, in the midst of the murder spree, profoundly impacted many lives and future events.

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Photos of Freeway Killers Bill Bonin & Vernon Butts, who killed six boys together in 1979-80

                     Bill Bonin & Vernon Butts

Most detailed bio of serial killer Bill Bonin ever written using previously hidden documents.

How childhood abuse & Vietnam War service helped create what followed.

How Bonin manipulated California judicial, mental health and prison systems for nine years before the kilings.

Interviews of Bonin, Miley & Munro with Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. during & after his Los Angeles trial.

Bonin’s jailhouse writings offer new perspective on his brutality, methods, thoughts and personality.

How & Why Bonin covered for accomplice Eric Wijnaendts, who helped him with two murders.

How & Why March 24, 1980, is a key date in the Bill Bonin story.

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