Without Redemption’ Charts Psychological Evolution of Freeway Killer Bill Bonin, Reveals Master Manipulator at Work

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Los Angeles, CA—Many books and articles have tried to explain the evolution of notorious serial killer Bill Bonin’s personality, but all have fallen short compared to the new bio of the infamous Freeway Killer, Without Redemption: Creation & Deeds of Freeway Killer Bill Bonin, His Five Accomplices & How One Who Escaped Justice. Using a treasure trove of long hidden investigative documents, co-authors Vonda Pelto, Ph.D., who had numerous sessions with Bonin at LA Men’s Central Jail, and Michael B. Butler were able to carefully chart Bonin’s slow, steady progression from abused child to sexual predator and thence to brutal serial killer. 
Assigned to meet with and monitor the emotional health of serial killers and murderers in LA Men’s Central Jail, Pelto had sessions with Bonin before, during and after his trial in late 1981. Those sessions, transcripts from years in mental hospitals and Bonin’s own writings bring the reader inside the mind of the complex yet simple Bill Bonin.
Without Redemption identifies the psychological turning points during Bonin’s descent, showing when and where certain events and decisions took place which impacted so many innocent lives. It also sheds light on how an abused high school dropout cleverly manipulated lawyers, judges, doctors, social workers, friends, family, probation officers, government bureaucrats, detectives and journalists.
The most detailed historical biography ever written about Bonin solves two murder mysteries and unlocks how one day of crossroads and coincidences, in the midst of the murder spree, proved a watershed day in the Bill Bonin story. Learn about the complex story of what happened after Bonin’s final arrest, when so much was in flux and so many moving parts were swirling about. Archived investigative documents, collected from a variety of sources, brings to light a number of surprising, shocking, sad and even funny events from those ten tumultuous months from June 1980 to March 1981.

Watch the Without Redemption Book Trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0URvlYN9Tbw

Listen to Vonda Pelto, Ph.D., on KFI Radio LA Discussing Bonin at https://soundcloud.com/vondapelto/analysis-of-william-bonin-by-vonda-pelto-phd-remorseless-killer-sexual-predator-sociopath

  • How childhood abuse & Vietnam War service helped create what followed.
  • How Bonin manipulated California judicial, mental health & prison systems for nine years before the killings.
  • Interviews of Bonin, Miley & Munro with Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. before, during & after his Los Angeles trial.
  • Bonin’s jailhouse writings offer new perspective on his brutality, methods, thoughts and personality.
  • How & why Bonin covered for accomplice Eric Wijnaendts, who helped him with two murders.
  • How & Why March 24, 1980, is a key date in the Bill Bonin story.

Media Contact: For interviews or to request review copies contact Flotsam PR at 319-504-3788 or [email protected].


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