Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. on James Lowe’s Syndicated
Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show with Overview of Her Book,
Without Remorse, Serial Killers, Sexual Predators
and Hardened Criminals in Prison Environment

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0491James Lowe interviews a wide-variety of authors, experts, musicians and politicians on his Syndicated Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show, which is growing rapidly in popularity and his ability to get the most from his guests increases exponentially. Like many in the media and the viewing public, hearing the stories from Vonda Pelto about the serial killers and sexual predators she dealt is rather shocking.

One would think that the proliferation of horror movies and horrible news stories would make us immune to shock, but when hears how these killers describe their actions like talking about a sporting event or a night on the town makes one run cold with fear. Predators and sociopaths like these men have no feelings or the suffering of their victions and, as Freeway Killer William Bonin told Vonda, he felt more compassion for a dog then the young boys he raped, tortured and murdered for decades. SCARY!

“This is a one-of-a-kind book by a one-of-a-kind author. Vonda L. Pelto has written a disturbingly factual account of her years as a unique psychologist in Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail. She met with the area’s worst serial killers to prevent them from wreaking havoc on themselves.”—Tedd Thomey, Award winning columnist for The Independent Press Telegram. Author of eighteen books and a successful Broadway play.