Video of In-Depth Interview of Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. on Gregory Mantell Show Discussing the Mindset of Serial Killers, Dealing with Them and Her Book, Without Remorse

Gregory Mantell, known for conducing in-depth and interesting interviews, spent an intense 15-minutes probing Vonda Pelto, Ph.D., author of Without Remorse: The Story of the Woman Who Kept Los Angeles’ Serial Killers Alive, about her views of what makes tick, her time talking with and trying to understand them and how dealing with such characters has effected her own personality.

That job of understanding the mindset of Serial or Mass Killers is practically impossible. Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. fell into that world quite by accident when, after getting her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology but before she was licensed for private practice, she was hired to counsel a bunch of horrible men like Freeway Killer William Bonin, Hillside Strangler Kenneth Bianchi, Sunset Strip Slayer Douglas Clark along with other killers and hardened criminals.   

Vonda Entered Serial Killer Cuckooland and Came Out
Quite Different and Highly Cynical, To Say the Least

Picture Gregory Mantell TV Show set with Vonda Pelto being interviewed. Without Remorse: book by Vonda APelto, Ph.D. Pic of Vonda Pelto during the time she was couseling serial killers and criminals.


“One hell-of-a-book! So well written that you feel as though you actually knew these killers. I felt like I was right there with Vonda. I loved the book. Without Remorse shows a side to these killers that the general public never sees.  It puts you right there in the jail with them. What this great book reveals is the two sides of these men, the dark side and the human side. How could these killers be so charming and yet, be able to murder and mutilate a follow human being?”—Jeff  Hathcock, Film Producer