Freeway Killer William Bonin, What He Did & Why?

William_BoninWilliam Bonin, better known as The Freeway Killer, was executed for, sometimes with help from various accomplices, the torture, rape and murder of between twenty to thirty young boys. Dr. Vonda Pelto, as a clinical psychologist in training, spent time with him practically every day from 1979 to 1982 when she was tasked with keeping serial killers and notorious criminals alive as they awaited trial at Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail.     

Vonda Pelto 002This page is about Vonda’s dealings with him, the terrible crimes he committed, how he felt about those deeds and what drove him to such brutal acts of violence and degradation and what effect he had on Vonda Pelto in the near and long-term.  Her second book, which is in the works, deals exclusively with William Bonin, the Freeway Killer and the men he recruited to kill with him, which included Vernon Butts, William Pugh, James Munro and Gregory Miley.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Vonda talk about William Bonin, a sexual predator, vicious unfeeling murderer and smart psychopath, and his crimes and her dealings with him on the John and Ken Radio Show on KFI in Los Angeles.  This is chilling indeed! 


A Rather Interesting Confession Letter from William Bonin to Vonda Pelto, Click to Enlarge

William Bobnin Envelope

William Bonin Letter 03

William Bonin Letter 02

William Bonin Letter 01